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Student Clubs

Student Clubs
Club Title Description Advisor
Academic Team
Students compete in questions and answers on topics such as history, math, literature, science, current events, geography, and a wide variety of trivia. Students will compete in numerous competitions throughout the region.
Mr. Branin
Bolts Photo Club
Students learn as well as sharpen skills in photography and applications using digital photographs. This club is designed for upper level photography enthusiasts. Students will photograph school events, senior activities, athletic events while hoping to further students’ interests in a photography career. Members will share ideas, offer constructive criticism, learn how the computer can enhance an image, participate in community events, and possibly change their perspective on taking an ordinary selfie.
Mrs. Benson
Clay Club
Students learn beginning elements, expand creativity, and sharpen skills in the art of ceramics. Students have the opportunity to experiment with ceramics outside of the classroom as either a beginner or advanced artist as well as share their work with classmates and the community.
Ms. Clayton
Color Guard
Students choreograph routines with props, flags, and other equipment to enhance the presentation of the marching band. There is much time dedicated to perfecting performances at practices as well as participating in competitions. 
Mr. Rilley
Creative Writing Club
Students practice their writing, reading, and skills in providing feedback with like-minded people. Students will be able to write their own stories by creating original characters and prompts. Defeat writer’s block and have fun!
Ms. Grubb
Crochet Club
Open to students who are from novice to experienced levels. Students will learn skills, share various crocheting techniques, and get into the “knitty gritty” of the crochet craft. Finished products will be donated to community organizations in need.
Mrs. Carroll
Indoor activity where percussion students will rehearse so they can perform in upcoming shows. There will be two shows with one being in the winter and the other being held in the spring.
Mr. DeSantis
Engineering Club
The purpose of this group is to enhance students’ interest in STEM. Even though a student is not enrolled in a class for engineering, he or she can still participate in this club. These meetings will also provide extra time for students to prepare for engineering competitions.
Mr. Bruman
Gentlemen's Club
This group will provide a place where young men can grow and excel as productive citizens in our community.
Mr. Sloan
German Club
Guten tag! The German club is for students who are looking to build stronger student relationships while learning about the language, culture, and customs in a fun way.
Mr. Gant and Mrs. Bradshaw
Greenhouse Garden
& Horticulture Club
Students will be provided with knowledge about various ways horticultural plants and edible plants can be grown and harvested properly in a greenhouse as well as outside. A focus will be on instilling sustainable and ethical planting techniques. Other areas of focus will include media prep, sowing, pest control, proper irrigation, fertilizing, and sale.
Mrs. Bowen
This club will gather and organize LGBTQ+ students along with their allies to socialize in a safe space as well as empower them to educate the school community. They will also advocate for safe school conditions.
Mrs. Benishek
Health & Physical Education
Leader's Club
Students are selected on the merit of their outstanding performance in health and physical education, maintaining a minimum 2.5 grade point average, and a yearly attendance and lateness record not to exceed 12 per year. Members should display characteristics of leadership and service. Selection is determined with input from the health and physical education staff, faculty, and administration. Members are selected yearly. They perform multiple tasks in health and physical education including, but not limited to, officiating, assisting in instruction, preparing fields, demonstration, leading exercises, and leading class discussions.
Coach Stay
Jazz Club
Students are exposed to jazz with the intent to build up a group that will be able to compete competitively.
Mr. Sino
Key Club
School and community service organization sponsored in cooperation with Kiwanis International.
Mr. Clarke
Students are selected by audition and must be available for extracurricular rehearsals and programs. Students perform for school, community, and civic organizations.
Mr. Adams
Marching Band
Available for interested students who have marching ability.  Activities include performing at athletic events, parades, competitions, and special programs.
Mr. DeSantis
Mock Trial
Provides a stimulating, deeper understanding, and appreciation of the American legal system. It brings law to life for students through active preparation for and participation in competitions. It increases comprehension of the historical, ethical, and philosophical basis of the American system of justice and demystifies the operation of the law, court procedures, and the legal system. Students will participate in an actual court trial with students taking on the role of lawyers, witnesses, and jurors.
Mr. Lalli
Model Congress
Gives students a chance to engage in a role-playing simulation of the United States Congress. It is our mission to educate students in the workings of our government and to encourage their active involvement in the democratic process. Students will have the opportunity to gather at the State House Annex in Trenton and at Rider University as state “delegates” to discuss the pressing issues we face today at Party Platform Day in December, Leadership Day in February and a 2-day, overnight simulation at Rider University in March.
Mr. Lalli
National Honor Society
An international high school organization. Qualifications for membership are scholarship, leadership, service, and character.
Mrs. Montecino
Poetry Club
Do you have a love for poetry or write your own? This group will gather weekly to discuss the topic and share various forms of poetry. 
Ms. DeFrancisco
School Play
For grades 10, 11 and 12. Presents two plays, dramatic or comical, in the fall and spring. Openings for: acting and production, makeup, costumes, set construction, properties, etc. Experience is helpful but not necessary.
Mrs. Keefer
Stage Crew Club
Gives service to all auditorium activities. Responsibilities are lighting, staging, sound, and backstage programming.
Mrs. Keefer
Student Council
Fosters school spirit and provides participation in school government.
Ms. Siniavskey
Student Voice Club
This student-centered environment will promote opportunities to empower and engage students to positively contribute while advocating for themselves and their classmates in becoming life-long learners.
Mrs. Bradshaw
Tri-M National Honor Music Society
A national high school organization for students selected under the qualifications of extensive musical background, scholarship, leadership, and community service.
Mr. DeSantis
Tutoring Club
For students who are looking for peer tutoring in a variety of subjects such as English Language Arts, Math, Physics, World Language, etc. Student volunteers will be available to assist their peers with subjects they have already mastered.
Mr. Kahn
Weight Training Club
For students interested in physical conditioning. (Athletic Coaches)
Yoga Club
Gives students an opportunity to learn the practice of yoga and meditation. The goal of a yoga practice is to help individuals relieve stress as well as learn coping techniques for stressful situations. This is a physical practice with breathing techniques that energizes and strengthens the body as well as the mind
Mrs. Bowen