Dress Code


The present dress code reflects a respect for all individuals as well as providing comfort, safety and a reasonable sense of decency. Students are reminded that this is a school and, therefore, proper dress must be maintained. No student should dress in a way that would distract from the educational process of the school district.

1. ACCEPTABLE FOOTWEAR: Sneakers, sandals, shoes/loafers. It is suggested that footwear be adequately attached for safety reasons.

2. UNACCEPTABLE FOOTWEAR: Slippers, shoes with cleats, shoes that scratch floors, bare feet, or socks only, for safety reasons.

3. ACCEPTABLE CLOTHING: Pants, slacks, jeans, skirts, blouses, pullovers, sweatshirts, dress shirts (short or long sleeved). Length of shorts, dresses, skirts, etc., is required to be at least finger tip length in both front and back. Length of skirts and dresses must be appropriate whether the student is standing or sitting. Tank tops must have 2" straps and be no more than 1" from the armpit. Male students are not permitted to wear tank tops.

4. UNACCEPTABLE CLOTHING: Students are not to wear clothing that reveals the body in an inappropriate manner or poses a safety concern:

a.) Examples: clothing which is too tight, too short, bare at the midriff, bare at the sides, sun dresses, "spaghetti strap" type tops, and off-the-shoulder tops, low-cut front or back tops, sheer or see-through clothing worn alone, muscle shirts ( sleeveless, tank tops), tube tops, halter tops, etc.

b.) The following are also unacceptable: pajamas, bare chests, graphics on clothes which imply offensive, obscene or drug/sex/alcohol related gestures, slogan, or signs; pins, badges, beltbuckles or patches which are offensive.

c.) Undergarments should be worn in an appropriate manner and should not be visible.

d.) Students should not wear heavy metal chains, metal spiked apparel or accessories, etc.

e.) Outerwear of any kind is not to be worn in school during class time. Sunglasses and gloves are not to be worn at any time during school hours. All outerwear must be placed in the student's locker prior to homeroom and remain there until dismissal time.

f.) “Gang” related slogans, names, apparel, etc., are not permitted in school or at any school-related activities.

g.) Students are expected to wear non-hazardous clothing in their school activities/classes such as shop, lab, physical education, or art. Clothing that causes excessive maintenance problems are prohibited.

Any question regarding appropriateness will be decided upon by the school's administration. Whether any student’s appearance is detrimental and disruptive to the educational programs will have to be the judgment of the administration. Students should be respectful when approached and it is strongly suggested that spare clothing be available by the student or the student may need to wear what is provided by the administration.


As a sign of respect and for security purposes, all students are to remove hats upon entering the school building and during school hours.


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