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The Health and Physical Education Curriculum has recently been revised and approved by the Millville Board of Education. The Health & Physical Education Curriculum was developed in accordance with Millville School District policies, as well as the New Jersey Core Content Standards for a Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Program.

In the state of New Jersey, Health and Physical Education is a graduation requirement. Students are required to pass a Health and Physical Education course for every year they are enrolled in high school. At the end of the course, each student will have shared an equal amount of time in both the Health and Physical Education setting.

The Health Curriculum is divided into nine major units (sophomores cover ten major units). The nine major units all students will receive instruction include, Mental and Emotional Health, Nutritional and Consumer Health, Family and Social Health, Community and Environmental Health, Personal Health and Fitness, Growth and Development, Substance Abuse, Diseases and Disorders and Safety & First Aid. In addition to these units, all sophomores will receive instruction in Driver Education. All sophomores at Millville Senior High School will receive also 12-15 hours of experience on the driving simulators. At the completion of the Driver Education unit, students will receive a certificate of completion for Classroom Driver Education.

The Physical Education Curriculum has a major focus in the areas of fitness and exercise. Students will participate in a variety of units that promotes physical activity throughout a lifetime. These lifelong activities include (but are not limited to) circuit training, resistance training, cardiovascular fitness training, team games and various other lifelong activities (ex. golf & tennis). All Physical Education classes are co-educational and often a cross section of the various grade levels.

Every effort will be made by the physical education staff to have all students participate in the regular program. A student who is medically excused must have a prescribed form signed by their doctor indicating the activities they can do (i.e. walking, weight training, etc.). If the written notification does not allow for any activity, the student will be required to do a three-page report per day on activities assigned by the teacher to receive credit for the course. Failure to comply will result in no credits being issued.

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David LaGamba


Humberto Ayala

Rochelle Bastien

Brooke Dixon

Rachelle Fialho

Roy Hallenbeck

Rachel Miggliaccio

Scott Stay

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