Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance/Substance Awareness Program is a school-based program designed to assist students with personal and or drug/alcohol related problems that are affecting school performance. The Student Assistance/Substance Awareness Program also promotes the general development of students self esteem, interpersonal relationships, problem solving and coping skills.

Students are encouraged to seek help for problems with or related to drug and/or alcohol use. The district has special staff members and services available to help with direct assistance or confidential referral. There is no punishment for voluntarily seeking help.


For more information about Millville Public Schools Student Assistance/Substance Awareness Program CONTACT:

Mrs. Benishek SAC MSHS & Memorial 327-6064
To contact SAC Alternative High School call 327-6040 ext. 2912


The Student Assistance Program also sponsors the following clubs:

After school activities offered to students, grades 1 to 3, from six elementary schools. Each elementary student is matched with a Senior High student. The purpose of the program is to develop friendship through structured activities. Students participate in four activities through the year. The activities are, Get To Know Each Other, Storybook Land, Bowling, and Roller Skating Party.

To comply with the state requirements under Programs To Support Student Development our district has implemented an I & RS Team. The team identifies students who are experiencing difficulties in behavioral, health, and or learning. Caring interventions and appropriate referrals foster student success.

Peer leadership program offered to students, grades 7 to 12. The students are selected by their peers and faculty based on trust. The premise of the program is students are more likely to talk to their own peers than their parents or other adults in dealing with adolescent issues. Students learn that they have to be able to take care of themselves in order to take care of others. Natural Helpers take good care of themselves. The students are trained to make appropriate referrals. The training has been held at Mt. Misery in Browns Millis, NJ.


Various outdoor experiential activities are offered to students, grades 6 to 12. The activities will enhance communication skills, decision making skills, trust, and coping skills to deal with everyday living.

SOAR (Summertime Organized Appropriate Recreation) Day Camp
The camp is offered to students, grades 4 to 5, from six elementary schools. The camp is sponsored by the Millville Municipal Alliance and the Millville Public Schools Student Assistance/Substance Awareness Program. Students learn positive ways to enjoy their lives by expressing themselves physically, intellectually, and creatively. High School students serve as camp counselors. The program provides an opportunity for the High School students to demonstrate that there are many ways to have fun free of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

Offered to students, grades 1 to 12. A support system designed to help students develop their communication skills, trust, decision making skills, coping skills, and discover their potential by relating to their peers.

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