The MSHS English Department offers a wide variety of required and elective classes. All courses are College Preparatory or Advanced level.  Students are provided with the opportunity to earn college credit while attending Millville High School with AP Level and Dual Credit classes.


College Prep English I   Advanced English I   College Prep English II
Advanced English II   College Prep English III   Advanced English III
College Prep English IV   Advanced English IV   AP English
Creative Writing   Minority Literature   ELA Strategies Lexia Power Up
Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Social Issues   Journalism 1 (Newspaper)   Sharing Shakespeare
English as a Second Language      



Department Chairperson:   Bridget Borlak
 Jamie Abdill    Vicky Allen    Lisa Breakell    Wendy Buell

 Holly Capertina    Danielle Carroll   John Clementi   Tara Cotton

Laura Craig    Michael Edwards   Katherine Fouhy    Joseph Graff
Rachel Holloway   Luisa Lopez-Arbelo   Erin Maines   Lisa Maldonado
Dara Nathan Eric Paulson Katherine Rossbach    Dana Siniavsky
Brian Sloan    Janet Todd   Susan Zatzariny