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Business, Technology & Vocational Courses

The Career and Technical Education Department offers a wide variety of educational programs, which reflect the needs, standards, and aspirations of the students, parents, community, and potential employers. It is the goal of the CTE Department to provide students with the necessary marketable skills and training to function in a competitive, modern society. These skills in business, technology, or vocational education will assist students in their endeavors to pursue post-secondary opportunities.

NOTE: The Career and Technical Education Department has also established Dual Credit and Tech. Prep. articulation agreements with several colleges, including Cumberland County College and Camden County College. Dual credit courses are college courses taught on the high school campus by high school teachers. Students who participate in the dual credit option are required to pay college tuition costs, which are offered at a reduced rate. Those who choose to take advantage of the dual credit opportunity and pass the college course will receive credit towards high school graduation requirements, as well as college credit from the partnering post-secondary institution simultaneously. Dual credit students also receive an official college transcript from the post-secondary school.

Tech. Prep. programs offer high school students an opportunity to earn college credits if they plan to major in that course, and pursue post-secondary education at the articulated college. To be eligible for Tech. Prep. credits, students must matriculate into a degree program at the community college within 18-months following graduation from high school. The Tech. Prep. classes taken in high school must be in the same declared degree program to qualify. Both of these agreements enable students to obtain college credit for skills and proficiencies mastered at the high school level. Students should consult their guidance counselor for class selections that will increase his/her educational options.


Courses Offered

   Accounting   Entrepreneurship   Financial Literacy
Department Chair: 
Stacey Musey

     Journalism   Marketing
(Social Media & Sports)
TECHNOLOGY:      CADD   Computer Science   Digital Design
Department Chair: 
Stacey Musey
  Engineering Technology   PhotoShop   Robotics

     Web Design  
VOCATIONAL:   Auto Technology   Construction Technology   Culinary Art
Department Chair:
Bridget Borlak

Child Care
  Wood Working Technology    Law Enforcement

The CTE Department offers the following Dual Credit classes where students may choose to earn college credits through Cumberland County College:

Auto Technology 3
Introduction to CADD
CAD for Architectural Design
CAD for Engineering
College Freshmen Engineering


CTE Teachers            
Rich Andres           Heather Basse
          Rebecca Benson             Gerald Bruman
Jamie Burrows    Michael Canino

  Daniel Caregnato

  Robin Carman

Marie Celestin

  Christopher DeSanto

  Michael Dobrosky

  Melanie Errickson

Eric Fizur

  Tina Hulitt

  Robert Markley

  Jim McCarthy

Dale Moore

  John Parkin

  Aaron Righter
  John Russo
Richard VanArsdale
  Michele Lobaito